Justin Ruiter

Name: Justin Ruiter

Profile: System designer, developer and tech enthousiast

Study: Bachelor Technical Computer Science at University of Twente

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About me

I've studied the bachelor Technical Computer Science at the University of Twente, from which I graduated in november 2023. However, I also have a lot of experience with work and personal projects, ranging from building web applications, api's, database design or desktop applications, for more than 11 years.


I have done a lot of different types of projects, every time learning new skills and expanding on existing ones.

Web Design

I have done a few projects with responsive web front ends, built in html, css, javascript, using frameworks like bootstrap.

Elaborate marketplace with features like planning and inventory management (active development)

Web Back-End Development

I have written multiple api's and the backends for all my front end projects, mostly in PHP (including symfony). For school and personal projects I have also written small back-ends and web servers in other languages.

Full Stack Development

Although I have done more back-end work than front-end and design, I have also worked on a few full stack applications.

School timetable and room modifications display for high schools.

Desktop GUI Development

My desktop GUI applications mostly consist of Windows apps, written in c# and the .NET WPF platform. However, I also have a bit of experience with python and gtk+ for applications that need to run on multiple operating systems.

CLI Development

Most projects I have done consist of a simple CLI application in many languages, such as: c#, python or java.

Data Analysis

During my time at 'KOSMO' I have grown into the business intelligence specialist role. Using tableau and my prior knowledge, I successfully delivered dashboards and insights to the company.







A small collection of large public projects I have finished or am still working on.

Full Stack Shopping Platform

Full Stack (Web) / 2019 - 2024

Webmaster Scouting Raalte

Ubuntu Server & WordPress / 2021 - 2024

Timetable Modifications Display

Full Stack (Cross Platform) / 2018 - 2019